I welcome you on my website. I present myself very fast before you get watching my realizations. My name is Sébastien, I am born in Geneva in 1982. I grow up between France and Switzerland. Surrounded by culture I studied history at University and later Enterprise management.

I discovered mountaineering in 1998 during a survey with the French Alpine Club. More than a sport I felt a strong contact with nature and element. Skier since age of 6 years old I naturally decide I could have been nice to combine climbing with skiing, then came naturally steep skiing.  In same time I was really interest to see what I could do with a photo camera, that was still a analogue camera with diapositive but how fantastic was the light and the process. With time big mountains came, new ski routes in alps and in Himalaya, some movies too but the Moto has always been to enjoy and learn from nature. Photography became more professional with some studies and gave me skills to capture all greats moments I leaved in mountain and around the world.

I just try to write the nicest life as possible full of discovery. I won’t get another chance!

My website is divided in an upper menu about steep skiing and mountaineering and a lower menu about photography and films. Enjoy!