Piz Spinas nordwand 700m 5.3 E3

Samstag 23 april, my back hurts for 3 days, but optimist I bring my skis to my girl friend flat with the idea to ski the next day some super route. All the night long I cant sleep, the pain in my back keep me awake. At morning I cant feel my right feet. Natalie, in last year medicine tell me it could be a discal hernia, at hospital her diagnose is write. Then two weeks sitting and lying pass with cortisone, opiodes and painkiller. Physiotherapie makes me move a bit, then with the idea to go back faster on the skis I decide to try to go back to work at 50%. Some skiers make great descente, the conditions are just unbelivable, me I try to walk. It comes better each days, Natalie help me a lot, Adelin is making descente projects, it psychocologicly help me.

On the fourth week I decide to try, even I can great walking, to make a cortisone infiltration. The pain is huge the first two days but then comes better. So here I am the friday 28 mai with Adelin in Diavolezza ( South Switzerland / grison) at 2000m for a night in the car to be ready for the first lift at 8:30am on saturday and to avoid crazy hôtel cost and offer us so much possibilities of freedom and beautifull place to sleep. Our project is to ski the Piz Spinas (3898m) nordwand, the last peak of the Piz Palü mountain!

On saturday morning we take the cable car, it make us winning 900m , we skin up the last 1000m on the normal way, then cross the ridge to get to our drop point to the nordwand. All my médicament I use to take the last month, and the sport I cant made during last month make me not fit, Adelin help me to carry my stuff, and wait for me. So one month after the diagnos of my hernia here I stand, I reborn!

The first turns comes naturally, the feeling is so great to be on the skis again with my mate Adelin. The first 40m are quit steep, we see some fresh tracs, two guys skied it the day before, we missed the first descent but we strated it from the top, there tracks start below. After the long and beautifull upper slope we initially wanted to find a route more on the right but the snow becoming really warm, with high risico of avalanche we decide to continue straight down.

 Some beautifull but scary moments exposed under the seracs with some interestings sounds. We keep going, enjoying the moment with always one of is with an eye on the seracs. The descent is steep but easy, we dont step in at any moment, just curve. Down, we just super happy, even we should still a bit skin up 300m to reach back Diavolezza and finally our car. That descent made us discover a bit more a region I love, the Grison, in South Switzerland. This Adventure would be possible with Nati for all jus love, my colleague and friends for the great positif support and Adelin to carry all, wait and support the handicap skier I am still.

The descent make 700m, no abseil, around 50deg steep, steeper on the first 40m. 

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