Silberplatten west couloir. 350m E2 4.3

Not many times in my skier career I used to begin a winter so well. St Gallen is the land of my love, my Princess and it remembers me a good moments on the Säntis north face. Before some deserved warm holidays in Madeira I decide to try a first ski attempt with my mate Adelin. After some reflection we decide that the Säntis could be a cool place not so far, with the little luxe to be deserved by a jodeling cable car. All the Scherrers familly welcomed us as family member and helped us to make the idea so easy to realized. Saturday after an awesome fighter breakfast we head up to Shwagalp. At the moment to take the cable care ticket the woman in charges of fear told us ski was for sure not so great right now and we probably we would be fast in trouble…. like always in East Switzerland when you get off the beaten way.



The landscape is unreal, we float on the sea of cloud.


We follow the ridge until the pass before The Silberplatten in a nice sunny moment. Adelin find some lunch if we get stock this night.

Then we easily join the west couloir. The two first turns are bit focused cause of the icy snow then it’s super packed powder snow, we just bein the moment. The last 50m are bit crunchy but nothing bad then back to the road.




During all this trip ours skis didn’t met any rocks, Unreal first tour of winter!! All this trip would have been impossible without Nati and her mega cute family and for sure my mate Adelin.

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