Männliflue NW face 500m 5.3 E4




I saw this impressive face from Ballon my love offered me for my birthday 3 years ago. Yet leaving in Argovie the way to reach Grimmialp with public transport becomes a bit shorter. Friday was Christmas in Givisiez, my Scott and Outdoor Research material were ready for me. The super Scott team made ready my new super guide and Punisher with my Plum bindings, so then I should tested it quick!


Trip to Berner is always a matter of WTF they said!!!


I was thinking with this exceptional winter start the face would have been over white but I was wrong, maybe the rain did a bit washed the face. I took my time during the uphill to observe the face. I climbed on the normal NW face way wich is a nice 40°max slopes goes quick to the top.


From top the view is just amazing. I am the lucky one up there, and I am alone! I leave the society and its worries under. I can’t enter directly to face from the top, so I make a 20m round around the top section and then travers the face to come in the direct couloir. The view is impressively steep, I see the bottom easy. For surprise my new scoot super guide dont meet any rocks, it’s steep with many different kind of snow but I don’t have to face much jump or annoying mixt section.




On the low part I make a little 5m rappel cause I am really not sure about a jump, I discovered then that the reception was full of rock. The last traverse is quite impressive and the ramp let me do some big turn. From bottom the line looks quite impressive, I couldn’t expect most interesting start of winter and Christmas present!

It doesn’t seems people skied this face but always hard to say, even after asking locals.

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