Schiesshorn Arosa west face. 700m 5.1/5.2 E3

After those storms and really complex snow situation I am happy to finally ski this route.

Never extrem, the top and low sections allow big turn with good snow, the route stays exposed in the middle with smaller turn and some « straight and stops ». The most difficult in this route is to know where you are and follow this system of lateral ramps. The first 50m are bit steep but nothing crazy.

Then the big top section is flat and allow to let it go when snow is good. The last little traverse could have some sharks.

Then I didn’t followed the nice left couloir lead nowhere but the little ramp goes to the mid mixt section.

I ve made here a small rappel (equiped on left with one blade and a sling)and a little climbing traverse. Ski is straight and good until a mixte section I did unclimbed.  Then it skis easy until a last small traverse to reach the last couloir in splashy snow. After this happiness and joy in the face came the cross-country kilometer and the walk back to Arosa. To regret the wilderness nothing better than a full train, but my mind is to my princess and my time in mountain. After few infos and request to local guides it seams my scott superguide 95 could be the first Skis into this route, but always hard to be sure.

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