Chüpfenflue north face 600m 5.2 E3


Finally I and Michal skied this face. It was yesterday the third attempt and finally it worked. The reasons of past failures were always the same: a tricky snow instability at top section. Yesterday has past times we checked if any avalanche come down from the mountain it would reach anyone under.

We decide to try, yesterday as usually the top section went down (30cm without any cohesion with the harder section under, avi report 2 ….but well all mountains are different). This time I decided to go further and to ski down.

All top section windpack was away so it was safe.


We reached the ramp wich let think a more stable snow cause not touch by wind. Here is the tricky part of the trip make let me think about a 5.3, a jump not as high but long with a bad take off. After few seconds hesitation I decide to try the jump cause landing seems to be in good snow, all fine. Then the way travers a snow field, regarding the experience at top section we decide to attack it at highest as possible, finally snow doesn’t move at all, lower we get better is the cohesion.


Then a little slalom between the cliff make us reach the low freeride section.


The cinema snow allow us for huge big powwow turn. At the bottom we saw that the top section avi stayed on the face and didn’t even reached the low section of the mountain. Thinking about it all the steep section require a bit of orientation, it’s punctually technical but never extrem. The snow is the key of the trip, its hardly compact and I was surprised to almost get trapped in a hole.



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