Tiejer Flue north face 550m 5.4 E4 rappel

Yesterday was the perfect sunny, warm, without people day. Leaving in center of Switzerland demands early wake up at morning to reach the Grisons before sun heat the slope. The adventure began in Arosa, it remembers me the day at Schiesshorn. Today the uphill is slightly bit more demanding to go to the Tierje Flue but view is amazing. I reach the top around 12h surprise the snow doesn’t melt so much. Here I was already with Adelin and Michal last January. At this time we missed a bit snow and I didn’t find the right entrance.

Today I try to start from the top few meters but join back the ridge, the top section stayed the same as in January, just a heap of stones.

I headed down the north face few meters more down our past attempt, it’s steep, I must cross unstable and steep ice flute but I don’t heat any rocks. Then a I reach a nice couloir, life would be great to follow that one till the end but it’s a trap it just heads to a cliff. I follow my plans and cross the face to the center.

Here is the better place to pass the middle mixte section. Then I cross to the left but not enough as I planed. Whatever a bit more mega steep plus narrow mixte section with the huge cliff under keeps me aware to stay on the slope. I finally reach the terminal ramp. Until the mid part of the ramp all is fine, the view is spectacular and the crusty snow horrible but all good. Then began a short but intense part of the route: the dalle section. This could have been maybe better in January but right now the sluff has devastated this part and just let it with ice and rock. Seb skier switch to seb climber to unclimbed this beauty.

It remembers me a bit the exposed climbing part of The Rautispitz but this time I do not ask for the same end. After a rappel on dead man I finally join the skiable last part of the rampe. I pack as fast as possible to don’t take sluff or more on my head and head done back the Valley.

This route complete my local trilogy: Shiesshorn west face, Chüpfenflue And Tierje Flue north face. This route doesn’t seams to has been skied before.

The trilogy:


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