Luisin face sud direct 5.1 600m

Last Friday was the perfect day to meet my mates Adelin and Ursin to ski the last route from the top I have not already skied.

8 years before I skied the red way and a bit later the green one with Wim, so we decide to ski the missing part between. This route has been skied one day after I was on the red one.

West part of Switzerland contrast a lot with the east one actually covered by snow. Here it’s kind of spring but snow defrost partially and offer a soft ski.

Luisin is the perfect half day tour, easy up, fast down. At the top wait a bit to let snow melting a bit. I am not surprised that some people skied it before with probably bit easier condition, well maybe not all the long watching the side stepping tracks. It was time to take my drone and become pilote so this tour became a full practice field.

I was bit hesitate about the exit but remembers came.

This was great day with two super friends, Luisin is always so nice to go, the place is awesome.

The vidéo : video of Luisin

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