Gross Schiben west couloir left side 800m 4.3 E2

I have a special history with Piz Sardona. When I moved for east Switzerland it’s the first place I ve been skiing steep, it’s the first place I open a route in Glarus with Adelin and Michal (red). Today, on the way to move to Graubunden I am super happy to skied this super nice Gross Schiben west couloir.

Already skied many times, the gross Schiben west couloir is the most logic one but I saw most of the people going on right side (yellow) and I was thinking the left side should be awesome too (green).

This morning it has some new snow, I don’t know how is the reaction with the wind. Approach is long but I just have to walk for 15min from the bus station. This side of the piz Sardona is impressive but really designed for steep ski. I am really impressed about the road we opened ogether with Michal and Adelin, not easy to find a way into the top section.

All the first part is bit hard but it gives me possibility to climb fast.

Then it comes a lot more flat and I begin to swim into the snow with sun heat slowly the side of the slope. I move all of myself to push faster. I thank the last tour with the skimo team to make seb fitness great again but my time with burgers at FWT slow me a bit. The last part is bit more on shadow and allow me for comteplation.

The top part don’t give me much envie to make big curve, the first 10cm just wait seb comes to all move down together in avi. The mid section is just powder on all the left side, here you are powder snow!

Then the last part is OK with a small icy traverse.

What an unexpected super day! Love it. So this is not a restricted are…. And holy god thanks but there you can admire a lot of chamois. I was moving so slow hope I didn’t scarry them.

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