Vorab Glarner north face

Yesterday I have shared a great day with with a local young gun and friend, Marco. Pretty much one year ago I was at the same place with maybe two more meters snow. So yesterday was the second time the lift guy at the top saw funky guys going on this side. For booth of us it was kind of special, Marco grew up in Flims and Vorab is there a special mountain, for me life and heart were bit different.

After a first nice week in my new graubunden home it was time to get up there. Weather was wondering if it should let us have fun or fight. At the top after 5min approach from lift it cleared all.Compare to last year we had to unclimb the top snow lipp, I say unclimb and not abseil because we forget a dead man wood piece.



The top section was even easier this year, the snow perfect and not much problem with the little sharks. This year I didn’t forget to don’t ski so far down to the bottom cliff and we did cut a bit earlier.



I was aware the last year dry ski section would have been impossible with so less snow, we decided to turn around the cliff by the west side, it’s a super easy and beautiful variation too. The lower part offered us nice pack cold snow to move fast away from this high risk avi place. Even the bottom part except a little crusty moment was great snow.

Happy us!

Photos: Sébastien and Courtesy of Marco for the first two.

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