Piz Dolf north face 550m

Last week Marco send me a draft on Fat map with a line looked really interesting not far from Piz Sardona and from our previous last week en descent on Vorab Garner north face. The line looks nice on top section but bit more gnarly on the low part, but I dont mind, I am super happy to be in for this super nice, sunny and cool day.Two days before my mate send me a picture took at the top with actual condition, it looked jus « wouah », meeting was setting for Monday for a great day.After a full safari on the beautiful freshly prepared slopes of Laax and Flims we fastly arrived at the top of Piz Dolf (3027m). From the top we enter 10 meters on the right side. The way is easy to find, the slope is steep but the snow is awesome. then the condition oblige us to make a rappel.From the bottom of the rappel we traverse slight on the right to turn around a cliff on the way, the last meters were quite steep.Then we had to make a second super short rappel above a small ice fall. To close this super nice descent we should make a last 2 meters jump to exit the couloir .Super happy of the line, we decided to head down Bargis. After some little mistakes we arrived in a super cute couple of chalet I promised myself I would go back next summer.That was a great day and an awesome adventure with a super friend! In fact that was « waouh“. A big thanks Marco to show me all those new places with smile and laugh. I had an amazing time.

A huge thanks to all my friends made this week end great for me with nice exhibition, nice talk, super ski adventure.

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