Piz Sordona NW face mix line mess

Sometimes all goes super, the mother godness was with us but yesterday Eole was furious. With Marco we were and bit hesitating between few possibilities of tour and we ended up on sardona. That was the occasion to use for the last time the laax skiresort cable. All the way to the top was a dream with warm temperatures, on the Sardona ridges all changed. Marco with his paragliding experience explained me the whole foene process cause we were straight in! The entrance with wind pushing and icy snow was a commitment.The top couloir I skied so easely with Adelin and Michal was just an ice skating ring. From that we moved on the left to join the classic way.At no moment the wind allowed us to come too close to the ridge to attempt our wished project.We arrived later to drop into the bottom couloir were the snow was slightly better.We maybe didn’t made great ski day yesterday but still we had lot of fun to leave this adventure. Thanks a lot Marco for the great time!

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