Calanda super ridge

Nothing better than a long alpine tour at home Calanda to forget all worries and wash bit my head. I wake up, work and face this mountain all time so it was time to watch the scenery from the full ridge.

I ve discovered for the first time the fantastic beautiful way to Vazer Alp, super smooth it drives me fast to the beginning of the ridge.

I decide to take the ridge all time and don’t cut to Rossfallenspitz, the T6 little climb is super pleasant then pass the Luggen and head to the Napoléon. At beginning I have to make a little traverse in wait steep unstable sand, the only place I would recommand an rigid shoe. Then traversing on north, back to south and head up to Napoléon. Two abseil have been build but I have decide to avoid carrying rope and harness and unclimbed those 25m in climbing shoes. Something grade 3, bit more in axe of rappel.

After the Napoléon, 4m traverse on north and direct to top of Haldenstein Calanda.

Then adventure goes to Felsberger Calanda. I am missing water so take ll snow as possible in my flask to make kind of granita.

The last part is climbing on a not super stable rock. Kind of giant Micado but it’s short.

Then I begin to see the end of the story.

I enjoy the super beautifull view and try to hear and watch all could be a river. I pass fast the Taminser Calanda and take the way to the little cut village with the same name.

A great day up on this ridge! A nice way to focus about just one thing « does the rock hold or will I fall with the rock 1000m down », good sometimes. Thanks to Scott for the super new supertrac ultra!

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