Grand Golliat NE couloir.

Snow came and all of us, skiers, became crazy. Even for 10cm powder!After some discussion with Lionel and Solenne we decided to head up for a classic to begin winter: the Grand Golliat NE couloir. My luck with train staying the same I came with half hour delay to start easy peazzy this long tour at 10h. Scarred of my memories in the area I make myself ready with two pairs of gloves, tight, down, I m ready. This early season remenber us is not much much snow but anyway I am happy to be up in mountains with skis and super friends!

On the way to the couloir
We are close now

We decided to take the widest couloir to get the most snow as possible, not so sure about snowpack stability we were positively surprised everything hold!!!!

Breaking the track was a pure fun

Due to the close night we decided to stop 20m from the top.

Lionel and Solenne
Happy to be in snow

After it my mobile decided it was over and battery collapsed, back down in warm it came back…. The Val Ferret had reason of technology!

Top section was bit new snow on hard one without much cohesion and the rest was pure plaisure.

Thanks a lot Solenne and Lionel for this fantastic day, and your patience at train station. Was super.

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