Col Mourti /tsa de l’Ano North couloir 5.1 400m

The line. On the right the classic Tsa de l’ano couloir

Cause last week end was so awesome and cause Alexia and Patrick told me « sure come seb » and my chance, team and hard work gave me saturday free, I am back to the fantastic Val d’herens. After a nice eve and great Iranian meal prepared by Patrick and a super quite night direction Tsa de l’ano. I did the classic last week end and today I wanted to ski the narrow and super nice couloir on the left side.

On the way

The snow is still cold and didn’t took sun but get quite more packed. I find all the way some super nice soft snow patch. On the 1/3 is a little meter ice would be such problem to jump on the way down.

The rest becomes litlle bit more narrow and the snow get harder, 50m before the col it’s the end of the skiable area.

Few 50m before the end of the skiable couloir

The way down is nice, catching nice snow patch.

My Wedze MT 90

Then to enjoy my last hours I get back to the local buvette to enjoy local raclette and nice talk with Alexia and Patrick who just came from another skitour.

I thanks so much my freinds alexia and Patrick and there lovely bnb from where I enjoy so much starting my adventures or just watch the landscape and think « waouh » that’s so nice

Contact for bnb:

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