Aiguille de l’Amone NE face

Some slopes are far to be the most technical in steep skiing history but their esthetics make them « a place to go once in your life », the Aiguille de l’Amone NE slope is one of them.

Wim and Pierre had this face in mind for long time and tried it already three times. On the morning I asked to wim if he was available for a tour on the next day and the reply was: « we go tomorrow at aiguille de l’amone meeting in montreux at 2oclock in the morning », even I had a work day until 20h and I am super tired I didn’t hesitated I said I am in!

After work back to my place grab food, gear and skis, taking train to montreux.

My train arriving in montreux at 0h45 I still got an hour to chill and take my breakfast! Start from la fouly at 3h15 was so beautiful with stars and great moon.

Morning came, we made it until the slope and great surprise snow was good. Wouah. Wim told us his Achille tendon hurt him and he prefers to stay and wait for us. So we started Pierre and I to break the track.

The slope is super beautiful special the upper part where you feel in suspension.

We left 5m to the top to avoid the wind and started a super downhill in good snow.

500m of super nice descent and back to see wim, with tight shoes in a nice splashy snow we all made it happy to be « the king on tee world » today.

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