Landvogtehore North couloir 400m E3 5.2

As it becomes an habit the spontane plans are carrying nacie surprises with super ski mates. As usual someone take my mind away à day before when I work and starts projects. Yesterday Simone, freshly in Bern told me we should go skiing together. Choice came on Diemtigtal cause close to Bern and wirh a secret hope to ski a nice north couloir. On my way to Männliflue I always saw those couloir to Landvogtehore and today was the day.

The way

The start is always bit the same and I know at some point I might be bit tired.

Me, my skis and the door to adventure

All approach show us the shitest snow ever to discourage us but we made it until the bottom and there waited for us a magnificent powder snow, good karma!

The route traverse above à cliff and continue direct but stop into the summit wall.

Simone on his way up

A nice snow bridge was in suspension above our head all the way up, we were about imagine all scénario of protection in case it wanted to fall of. But today was our day and it stayed quite.

Wedze slash at start

All the way specially on the higher part snow was unbelievable regarding the heat and the spring atmosphere around.

Top section
Simone on the top section
Simone on the top section

Some more narrow place get a bit more packed snow but still nice.

And the lady part reserved us a mega powder.

Regarding the global low altitude snow condition it’s for me the perfect hold up. I am glad Simone motivated me to come!

A super great nice a day in paradise with nice beer and Patan after. Thanks Simone

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