Tsa de l’Ano North face 550m

Some descentes are special this one is one of those. La forclaz is a cute little village I feel kind of home those time and welcome to my friends Alexia and Patrick bnb. It’s a place I go up and start to imagine ski trip, flying trip, climbing session. The perfect place. I ve been now few time on Tsa de l’Ano and I wanted for a bit to ski this line. It’s maybe not the most direct one but it takes you from the very bottom of the face to few meters below the top snow bridge.

The face two days before

The bottom part of the line take a ramp then a couloir to lead to the first traverse. On the way down I had to un climb the icy ramp on 10m.

Just before the traverse to climb and un climb

After the traverse it leads to a couloir, from there you feel in suspension, crazy atmosphere. Then it’s the traverse to join the top section.

End of the couloir.

Cause never a nice line is easy to ski and when the weather start to play a role the fogg came, and started the big down catastroph.

Argh no

I ve always felt bit funky when I don’t see more than 2m in fogg and when it’s about skiing some steep serious stuff with ice and crusty snow it’s even worst. So papy took his time but my super skis wedze slash helped me a lot.

It’s down hein?!

So happy to finish my holidays with such nice line speacialy with those delicate snow conditions. The line deserve more snow cause it really value a nice descent with sun and the awesome Val d’herens landscape!

Always to take with care but it might be good possible the ice and rocks on this way seemed to see skis for first time.

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