Galmschibe North face

Tuesday 18 was the oriental St Sébastien and my mate Lucas birthday. We had to do something special. After a flying beginning of winter I ve finally decide to go back on skis. The morning was dedicated to new work perspective and to make a small tour we decided to lead to Grimmialp, the short happy tour paradise in Bern. My Luca bravely made the 900m uphill and finally we decided to go into the north face, 3 years after did this way with Michal and Jeanne.

The start has awesome snow and the first narrow gully works perfectly.

Then the most narrow part request this year a very small rappel I install easely on a rock.

After it it’s all more open but stay more technical as 3 years ago due to lack of snow.

We finally made it back to car with a wonderfull crazy sunset skiing powder.

A big bravo to Luca, not use to ski often steep but super strong on this serious descent!

2 Replies to “Galmschibe North face”

  1. Cher Sebastien, merci de nous envoyer de tes nouvelles et merci pour ces belles photos. Nous sommes toujours heureux de savoir où tu en es . Ta joie au milieu de de ces montagnes que tu aimes tant nous fait chaud au cœur. Je t’embrasse. Papa
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