Luisin South face

So happy one year after my crash to be back on skis, into nice couloir with my ski mate Adelin. Back in West switzerland I am happy to get back into places I discovered years ago. Nice to finally get some snow here also.

The lowest part
Adelin into the top part
The top part
Heading to the couloir

Speedflying life

Little highlight of a cool funny day

From a try of paragliding to adapot speedflying passion. Air, a New dimension with much fun and lot to learn.

Galmschibe North face

Tuesday 18 was the oriental St Sébastien and my mate Lucas birthday. We had to do something special. After a flying beginning of winter I ve finally decide to go back on skis. The morning was dedicated to new work perspective and to make a small tour we decided to lead to Grimmialp, the short happy tour paradise in Bern. My Luca bravely made the 900m uphill and finally we decided to go into the north face, 3 years after did this way with Michal and Jeanne.

The start has awesome snow and the first narrow gully works perfectly.

Then the most narrow part request this year a very small rappel I install easely on a rock.

After it it’s all more open but stay more technical as 3 years ago due to lack of snow.

We finally made it back to car with a wonderfull crazy sunset skiing powder.

A big bravo to Luca, not use to ski often steep but super strong on this serious descent!

About an idea

In 2004 I did fight to find a boat to work and sail for 6 months, I leaved a crazy experience and promised me to make it again and used it once as project.

Last week, Valentine and her super sailing girls team offered me to go back on a sailing boat. What a blast, watching kite surf starting from the deck, imagine starting adventure with ski, it gives unlimited ideas and the biggest kick in ass I had for years. I will say it enough thanks Val!

Pigne d’Arolla north face

The full route
The top section

Cause this day could be written in just few words. I write for myself but I guess my mates think a bit the same. We leave for those days of adventure, shared with friends in some of the most beautiful landscape ever.

Good morning world
Always better to be rope organized
Low section

Tsa de l’Ano North face 550m

Some descentes are special this one is one of those. La forclaz is a cute little village I feel kind of home those time and welcome to my friends Alexia and Patrick bnb. It’s a place I go up and start to imagine ski trip, flying trip, climbing session. The perfect place. I ve been now few time on Tsa de l’Ano and I wanted for a bit to ski this line. It’s maybe not the most direct one but it takes you from the very bottom of the face to few meters below the top snow bridge.

The face two days before

The bottom part of the line take a ramp then a couloir to lead to the first traverse. On the way down I had to un climb the icy ramp on 10m.

Just before the traverse to climb and un climb

After the traverse it leads to a couloir, from there you feel in suspension, crazy atmosphere. Then it’s the traverse to join the top section.

End of the couloir.

Cause never a nice line is easy to ski and when the weather start to play a role the fogg came, and started the big down catastroph.

Argh no

I ve always felt bit funky when I don’t see more than 2m in fogg and when it’s about skiing some steep serious stuff with ice and crusty snow it’s even worst. So papy took his time but my super skis wedze slash helped me a lot.

It’s down hein?!

So happy to finish my holidays with such nice line speacialy with those delicate snow conditions. The line deserve more snow cause it really value a nice descent with sun and the awesome Val d’herens landscape!

Always to take with care but it might be good possible the ice and rocks on this way seemed to see skis for first time.

Landvogtehore North couloir 400m E3 5.2

As it becomes an habit the spontane plans are carrying nacie surprises with super ski mates. As usual someone take my mind away à day before when I work and starts projects. Yesterday Simone, freshly in Bern told me we should go skiing together. Choice came on Diemtigtal cause close to Bern and wirh a secret hope to ski a nice north couloir. On my way to Männliflue I always saw those couloir to Landvogtehore and today was the day.

The way

The start is always bit the same and I know at some point I might be bit tired.

Me, my skis and the door to adventure

All approach show us the shitest snow ever to discourage us but we made it until the bottom and there waited for us a magnificent powder snow, good karma!

The route traverse above à cliff and continue direct but stop into the summit wall.

Simone on his way up

A nice snow bridge was in suspension above our head all the way up, we were about imagine all scénario of protection in case it wanted to fall of. But today was our day and it stayed quite.

Wedze slash at start

All the way specially on the higher part snow was unbelievable regarding the heat and the spring atmosphere around.

Top section
Simone on the top section
Simone on the top section

Some more narrow place get a bit more packed snow but still nice.

And the lady part reserved us a mega powder.

Regarding the global low altitude snow condition it’s for me the perfect hold up. I am glad Simone motivated me to come!

A super great nice a day in paradise with nice beer and Patan after. Thanks Simone

Aiguille de l’Amone NE face

Some slopes are far to be the most technical in steep skiing history but their esthetics make them « a place to go once in your life », the Aiguille de l’Amone NE slope is one of them.

Wim and Pierre had this face in mind for long time and tried it already three times. On the morning I asked to wim if he was available for a tour on the next day and the reply was: « we go tomorrow at aiguille de l’amone meeting in montreux at 2oclock in the morning », even I had a work day until 20h and I am super tired I didn’t hesitated I said I am in!

After work back to my place grab food, gear and skis, taking train to montreux.

My train arriving in montreux at 0h45 I still got an hour to chill and take my breakfast! Start from la fouly at 3h15 was so beautiful with stars and great moon.

Morning came, we made it until the slope and great surprise snow was good. Wouah. Wim told us his Achille tendon hurt him and he prefers to stay and wait for us. So we started Pierre and I to break the track.

The slope is super beautiful special the upper part where you feel in suspension.

We left 5m to the top to avoid the wind and started a super downhill in good snow.

500m of super nice descent and back to see wim, with tight shoes in a nice splashy snow we all made it happy to be « the king on tee world » today.