Piz Sordona NW face mix line mess

Sometimes all goes super, the mother godness was with us but yesterday Eole was furious. With Marco we were and bit hesitating between few possibilities of tour and we ended up on sardona. That was the occasion to use for the last time the laax skiresort cable. All the way to the top was a dream with warm temperatures, on the Sardona ridges all changed. Marco with his paragliding experience explained me the whole foene process cause we were straight in! The entrance with wind pushing and icy snow was a commitment.The top couloir I skied so easely with Adelin and Michal was just an ice skating ring. From that we moved on the left to join the classic way.At no moment the wind allowed us to come too close to the ridge to attempt our wished project.We arrived later to drop into the bottom couloir were the snow was slightly better.We maybe didn’t made great ski day yesterday but still we had lot of fun to leave this adventure. Thanks a lot Marco for the great time!

Piz Dolf north face 550m

Last week Marco send me a draft on Fat map with a line looked really interesting not far from Piz Sardona and from our previous last week en descent on Vorab Garner north face. The line looks nice on top section but bit more gnarly on the low part, but I dont mind, I am super happy to be in for this super nice, sunny and cool day.Two days before my mate send me a picture took at the top with actual condition, it looked jus « wouah », meeting was setting for Monday for a great day.After a full safari on the beautiful freshly prepared slopes of Laax and Flims we fastly arrived at the top of Piz Dolf (3027m). From the top we enter 10 meters on the right side. The way is easy to find, the slope is steep but the snow is awesome. then the condition oblige us to make a rappel.From the bottom of the rappel we traverse slight on the right to turn around a cliff on the way, the last meters were quite steep.Then we had to make a second super short rappel above a small ice fall. To close this super nice descent we should make a last 2 meters jump to exit the couloir .Super happy of the line, we decided to head down Bargis. After some little mistakes we arrived in a super cute couple of chalet I promised myself I would go back next summer.That was a great day and an awesome adventure with a super friend! In fact that was « waouh“. A big thanks Marco to show me all those new places with smile and laugh. I had an amazing time.

A huge thanks to all my friends made this week end great for me with nice exhibition, nice talk, super ski adventure.

Vorab Glarner north face

Yesterday I have shared a great day with with a local young gun and friend, Marco. Pretty much one year ago I was at the same place with maybe two more meters snow. So yesterday was the second time the lift guy at the top saw funky guys going on this side. For booth of us it was kind of special, Marco grew up in Flims and Vorab is there a special mountain, for me life and heart were bit different.

After a first nice week in my new graubunden home it was time to get up there. Weather was wondering if it should let us have fun or fight. At the top after 5min approach from lift it cleared all.Compare to last year we had to unclimb the top snow lipp, I say unclimb and not abseil because we forget a dead man wood piece.



The top section was even easier this year, the snow perfect and not much problem with the little sharks. This year I didn’t forget to don’t ski so far down to the bottom cliff and we did cut a bit earlier.



I was aware the last year dry ski section would have been impossible with so less snow, we decided to turn around the cliff by the west side, it’s a super easy and beautiful variation too. The lower part offered us nice pack cold snow to move fast away from this high risk avi place. Even the bottom part except a little crusty moment was great snow.

Happy us!

Photos: Sébastien and Courtesy of Marco for the first two.

Gross Schiben west couloir left side 800m 4.3 E2

I have a special history with Piz Sardona. When I moved for east Switzerland it’s the first place I ve been skiing steep, it’s the first place I open a route in Glarus with Adelin and Michal (red). Today, on the way to move to Graubunden I am super happy to skied this super nice Gross Schiben west couloir.

Already skied many times, the gross Schiben west couloir is the most logic one but I saw most of the people going on right side (yellow) and I was thinking the left side should be awesome too (green).

This morning it has some new snow, I don’t know how is the reaction with the wind. Approach is long but I just have to walk for 15min from the bus station. This side of the piz Sardona is impressive but really designed for steep ski. I am really impressed about the road we opened ogether with Michal and Adelin, not easy to find a way into the top section.

All the first part is bit hard but it gives me possibility to climb fast.

Then it comes a lot more flat and I begin to swim into the snow with sun heat slowly the side of the slope. I move all of myself to push faster. I thank the last tour with the skimo team to make seb fitness great again but my time with burgers at FWT slow me a bit. The last part is bit more on shadow and allow me for comteplation.

The top part don’t give me much envie to make big curve, the first 10cm just wait seb comes to all move down together in avi. The mid section is just powder on all the left side, here you are powder snow!

Then the last part is OK with a small icy traverse.

What an unexpected super day! Love it. So this is not a restricted are…. And holy god thanks but there you can admire a lot of chamois. I was moving so slow hope I didn’t scarry them.

Galmschibe couloir N direct 400m 4.2 E2

During my trips to Seehore I saw this nice face looking north, watching internet I saw a nice video of last year with guys in a couloir with awesome conditions. Couloirs is this year lot more easier to find in condition than big face blowed by wind. All the uphill is worst than everest on a summit day but snow is smooth and it’s possible to cut a bit the way. At the top the landscape is great. I see some old tracks in the face but the snow looks super, go!

All the start is wide, nice, with soft snow. I decide to drop in a narrow couloir.

The rest is not much steep and wide but so happy to find all the way, at this high, with this warm temperatures, a nice line in powder.

Glishorn NE couloir 1000m 4.3

All the time on the way to Hübschhorn I saw this super nice couloir.

With the cold and stable snow on north side I was thinking it was a cool option for a light skitour. I decided to start from Simplon Pass then take the highway to Spitzhorli. A nice 200m descent on the shadow lead just under the top of Glishorn.

Then 200m skin up to join the top.

The lord of the place and for myself some great remember. Nothing steep at the beginning but a cool view with a certain impression to make some « urban steep skiing ».

After 200m a little traverse olblige to put skis on the bag, after it becomes a smooth wide nice couloir. At altitude 1400m I took the way on the left to join brig. Big surprise I arrived with skis really low and just had to walk 20min to reach the brig station. That was a cool relax day in the mountains.

Chaiserstuel north couloir 4.3 400m

I saw this super nice couloir last summer and in the Engelberg topo guide. Far to be extrem and exposed it is anyway a great experience in the Swiss Dolomites. For the acces I have chosed to traverse from Bannalp, it offer a fast acces and you just need to take skins and a pair of light crampons.

I was lucky to make the track on Thursday, an awosme moment with full pow turns. On Friday my mates Michal and Harald were up to join and I was happy to try some drone shooting. Some more tracks between but the most important a great time shared with two super friends.

Seehore north face plus no end gully 5.3 E4 300 plus 200m

I saw the first time the Seehore when I made the Männliflue north face last year. Two days ago I wanted to check few things and I finally made the little nice couloir without end on the north face. The snow was looking stable, so yesterday I have decided to make a attempt for the NE face. The weather was at beginning not the best but the sun just appeared at the top, fantastic moment. The start is a fine traverse on ice/snow stock on rocks to join the north looking side of the couloir. Then I should unclimb on five meters a mixte grass, ice, rock section, then the slow is really pleasant, a narrow section then I head to the second 10m unclimbing section. From there I made super nice turn until the middle rampe. I didnt wanted to ski the low part cause a lot two exposed to Grimmialp, all the sluff came from the top stopped to the mid rampe but then to ski the low section all snow woudl come until the cross country slopes. So to end a nice way the adventure I decided to climb up an 100m to join the « no end » couloir I skied two days ago and enjoy the great snow there.

I m really happy to skied this face, it’s kind of The mountain of the valley and what a view from the top, epic. The place is definitly beautifull and offers big potential.

Lauizughorn north couloir 550m 4.3 E2

For a long time I wanted to come on this face. It’s a super spot with little tour and nice couloir between Davos and Klosters. I started from the less posh and crowded lift from Pisha, an hour and an half hour later I was at the top of the spot. On the way my eyes were catched by many nice faces. The spot is well know, already tracked by two snowboarders. The couloir is all along super nice and never hard, just a small section needs a straight on a small ice/water fall.

That is a great place steep ski school when snow is good. For sure after some tracks it becomes a bumb field but it has many other possibilities.

A funky DJI mavic panic made me climb it again to catch my drone who decided to go back home, take a sun bath.

Luisin face sud direct 5.1 600m

Last Friday was the perfect day to meet my mates Adelin and Ursin to ski the last route from the top I have not already skied.

8 years before I skied the red way and a bit later the green one with Wim, so we decide to ski the missing part between. This route has been skied one day after I was on the red one.

West part of Switzerland contrast a lot with the east one actually covered by snow. Here it’s kind of spring but snow defrost partially and offer a soft ski.

Luisin is the perfect half day tour, easy up, fast down. At the top wait a bit to let snow melting a bit. I am not surprised that some people skied it before with probably bit easier condition, well maybe not all the long watching the side stepping tracks. It was time to take my drone and become pilote so this tour became a full practice field.

I was bit hesitate about the exit but remembers came.

This was great day with two super friends, Luisin is always so nice to go, the place is awesome.

The vidéo : video of Luisin